Holy Communion in a Time of Pandemic

Siblings in Christ, we hunger to gather with you as the body of Christ. And we hunger and thirst for the bread and wine of communion, for the holy meal of Jesus’ body and blood. From conversations we have had over the last few weeks we know that you, too, hunger to gather at the table to hear those promised words of forgiveness. 

In these unknown and unprecedented times, we have to be creative about how we share communion with one another. In times of emergency, in our case, pandemic, sacraments can be shared at home without clergy presiding over them. 

Beginning May 3rd and every first and third Sunday after that, we will facilitate a time for you to share communion with whomever it is that shares your space during our Sunday online worship service. This is something that we will do only during the time we are unable to safely meet together. 

It is in, with, and under the bread and wine that Jesus is present in the Words of promise, “Given for you” and “Shed for you.” You do not have to participate if you would like to fast from the meal until we are gathered together again. If you do want to participate, have ready bread or a cracker and wine or grape juice. We provide instructions below, on how to do the Holy Communion in your home.

We miss you all. Stay safe. God goes with you.

     Pastor Dan            Pastor Kent

Instruction for Administering the Sacrament of Holy Communion

Communion Bread Recipe